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House, Funky House, Techno, Deep House, Nu-Disco, Soulful.

Il palinsesto di questa settimana dal 21 gennaio al 24 - This week's schedule from January 21 to 24


"Around The World" is the new radio project from Shamkara Records. Hosted and managed by UruMusicart, Sue and Uru, owners of the label.

"Around The World" Exclusively for Italy on every Friday at 18:00
After a long journey with its weekly radio program "Shamkara Radio Show", broadcast since 2011 on major national and international radio stations and exclusively on Ibiza Global Radio for more than six consecutive seasons, Shamkara Records decides to open the borders and show their distinctive eclectic sound Around the world.
"Around The World" is the new radio project by Shamkara Records. Hosted and managed by UruMusicart, Sue and Uru, owners of the label.
The project was born with the idea of ​​creating a new experience in which electronic music converges with musical quality and brings together a large community open to supporting independent music, where everyone feels part of the body and soul, where simply enjoy the music.
The goal of "Around the world Radio Podcast" is to bring a weekly collection of electronic music, mostly Deep, House, Indie Dance and Nu-disco as favorite styles. Always accompanied by artists from the Shamkara Records discography, their new additions and different melodies that will make us vibrate.
You are invited to navigate in a world of sounds, dive in
and let you go ...
This is Around the World by Shamkara Records, do you join the community?
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In onda tutti i venerdi alle 18 - On air every Friday at 6pm

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Hi friends, I'm Ezio Ferroni I consider myself a DJ leader (since I've been DJing for over 40 years) of the underground music community.

I know from experience that there is a mass audience for underground music - because I am part of that audience - and I am convinced that wherever you live in the world you should have access to the best up and coming scenes and veteran and non-veteran artists. I do it because I like it. What you hear through my Sets, Remixes, Mashap or Re-Edits are sounds that I love to call shows, that we as underground music lovers want to hear.
With professional devices of the latest generation and the use of Stems files, (few used in Italy) by DJs, with this system combined with musical culture I can create music on the spot, sometimes with the simultaneous mixing of 10/12 consecutive tracks, often these sounds are not replicable if not recorded. Intuition, the musical culture of 40 years of experience combined with the mood of the moment and not least the involvement of the public are the essential ingredients for the success of each of my sets.
I dare to say that I invent music on the spot, I often hear and talk that DJs should use vinyl, I don't say anything and I don't express myself about it, I can say and see that a DJ who uses vinyl does only 2% of the work compared to an underground DJ using Stems technology.
Not to mention the great preparation work that takes place before using the stems are hours of work.

24 x 24, 7 Day 

Mirco Bertani aka Mirco B fa 'is half of the Club Squisito, praised by international critics as one of the most interesting projects on the Deep House scene. For over 20 years manager of the historic Expo Dischi in Mantua. Mirco offers a dj-set with Deep / Tech colors, also winking at Melodic-Techno. A real journey into the best Club Music, through and beyond these genres.
Club Squisito is a musical project born in 2006 by Valerio Semplici, a member of the Black Box, a band that dominated the dance scene for a decade between the 80s and 90s, climbing the charts around the world with the single "Ride on Time" , and by Mirco B, professional DJ and radio host. Since the first single they have been praised by critics as one of the most interesting DEEP-HOUSE projects on the Italian scene. Many of their songs have been included in prestigious international compilations, great positive feedbacks also on famous Italian magazines in the first place The alternative musical magazine for excellence Blow-Up Mirco B. lives the best period of music starting to put records in 1973, this his passion will lead him to sell records for over 20 years in a famous shop in the center of Mantova.His musical culture acquired over time has led him to work in prestigious clubs such as the MOXA CLUB, one of the most trendy clubs on the Italian but international scene where remains resident for a long time, to report his
unforgettable openings to sets of international DJs such as Marshall Jefferson, Moodyman, Jimpster, Mattew Herbert, Charles Webster, Ben Watt, James Lavelle ... just to name a few.
Mirco offers a dj-set with very personal deep-tech colors, winking at the Old School his love for Jazz and the contaminations make it very eclectic even in situations outside the Club. We also remember that Mirco is Resident DJ in the prestigious Ibiza Radio (Ibiza Global Radio) where every month he proposes his deep-session in the SHAMKARA RADIO SHOW program. Mirco was the protagonist of evenings on the Balearic island IBIZA including the prestigious PACHA HOTEL.

Musical Genres

Escape Radio offers different styles of music but can all be linked to the House.House, Deeo House, Funky House, Soulful, House, Nu-Disco, Indie Disco, Techno, Electro House, Jaking House, Afro House, Soul / Funky / Disco.

H.7:00 AM  Rotation by escape radio
H.1:00 PM  Rotation by escape radio
H. 2:00 PM  Rotation by escape radio
H. 3:00 PM  Rotation by escape radio
H. 4:00 PM Tech House Selected by Escape Radio
H. 5:00 PM Mirco B. Club Squisito ( solo il sabato)
H. 6:00 PM AROUND THE WORD by Shamkara ( solo il Venerdi) 
H. 6:00 PM Ezio F. Special Deluxe ( solo al Sabato)
H. 8:00 PM > 12:00 PM Rotation by escape radio 
H. 1:00 AM  Night rotation by escape radio
H. 7:00 AM  Night rotation by escape radio


Escape Radio is the radio for those who love to travel and dance to the rhythm of the most modern dance. the radio gives listeners the opportunity to discover all the latest news from Music House, Deep House, Funky House, Soulful, Nu-Disco. And all the most modern dance. The radio can be listened to in streaming only via the web all over the world "TANTRA IBIZA" are the evocative names of the programs on this radio, which bring to mind the intense and warm rhythms of the nightlife. inside the nightlife, the speakers and DJs throw themselves to tell the best of the events to dance: House Music, Gossip and the best of the international Dance Floor, as well as dozens of charts from all over the world that can be heard on the Escape Radio website.